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Welcome to my personal site. I'm Georges Camy, a former management consultant and currently work for Nintendo, a multinational gaming console and software manufacturer. On this site I'm telling you a bit about myself, so if you just stumbled upon it by mistake you might want to skip the self-glorification part and go straight for the design or marketing section.

However, if you really are interested in my persona, then you came to the right place.

Before I became a management consultant, I worked mainly as a multimedia engineer for game developers and web agencies. Indeed, ever since I was a kid I wanted to become an engineer. And since I am very fond of creating and imagining things, I wanted to work for the gaming industry. However, when I started working after I've got my master's degree in multimedia, I found out that an engineer's life didn't suit me. Now don't get me wrong, I do like being an engineer, it just happens that the engineer's everyday life simply doesn't suit me. That's when I realized that I had not been cultivating my strengths: I'm creative, have a boundless imagination, and am interested by nearly everything and want to understand everything and everyone. So I might not be the next Da Vinci, but just like Alfred Hitchcock, Jimmy Carter and other engineers before me, I decided to choose a different path. So, I went to get a second Master in Marketing Management, to understand more why engineers do what they do. And that was just what I needed: the world is a rather interesting place if you have both an engineering and marketing background. This is why I enjoy management consulting so much: each day brings new problems to solve, new things to learn and new amazing people to learn from. Consulting in the Internet era is absolutely thrilling. One really gets the impression that even the smallest person can make a significant difference.

Now I work for the European Marketing at Nintendo and am back in the "non-consulting" world. I retained however some of my consulting habits. Constantly trying to put oneself in the place of your customers, but also your coworkers, just has some kind of advantages.

If you need more information about me feel free to explore this website, or simply contact me.

About this site

This site is somewhat of a showcase for my capabilities in online marketing and engineering. The site allows to be differently styled through CSS. I borrowed that idea from, a site which demonstrates the power of CSS design. I simply make use of CSS to have complete artistic freedom and improve my webdesign skills. They might be very humble yet, but every great artist started somewhere, right? You can find all examples in the design section or just chose a random design by clicking here. Every page and every style can be verified for compliance with webstandards by clicking on the xhtml or css link respectively. Unfortunately, to achieve optimal cross-browser viewing experience I could not make the site 100% compliant. Please bear in mind however that I initially built this site back in 2006 and am only updating the texts.

I also improved the site for search engines, by encoding many ethical SEO techniques. Don't expect it to show up for any other keywords than Georges Camy though, as I will not work on offsite optimization, which is essential for a top-ranking position in Google.

Finally, for easy maintenance, I make use of PHP. The navigation links for example are automatically included from a single file, just like the CSS designs. To remember the design last selected by a recurring user, I make use of cookies, to allow a consistent viewing experience.