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Here you can chose between different layouts for this site. At the moment the selection is relatively small, but I will add a design each time I feel like playing around with my graphic software. After all there is no better playground than my own site!

Business Attitude

CSS Design: Business Attitude 01

This is the original design I built for this site. I tried to be consistent with current business layout trends. The layout is clear and sober with lots of white space and cut-out imagery.


CSS Design: GE

A little tribute to my time at GE, when I had to ensure compliance with corporate guidelines. I really love this layout. It is clean, eye-catching, and straight to the point. Of course, this design is not 100% GE compliant ;-)

Daily Camy

CSS Design: Daily Camy

A New York times issue from 1944 inspired me for this design. The name is borrowed of course from the Metropolis The Daily Planet.


No CSS applied to this site

For those that are curious: this is how the site looks without having CSS applied to it.