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Product placement in electronic games

When you play a game and you suddenly realize that you just saw an ad for Burger King, then you have just experienced an example of in-game advertising. In-game advertising, or product placement, is a relatively common practice, yet academic research in that field is very sparse. Placements are rarely done as a result of a carefully planned brand strategy and usually consist in simple billboard-like in-game advertisements. I decided to write my thesis for the Master's Degree in Marketing and Communication on that subject. In my thesis I analyze the possibilities and acceptability of alternative placement strategies.

Mastering Markstrat

Markstrat is a market simulation computer game, developed by StratX and is used by business schools worldwide. In this simulation different student groups play against each other under realistic market conditions. The team with the best performance wins. When I played the game, I found relatively few information on the Internet. That's why I decided to put a comprehensive guide on the web.

Critical Chain Project Management

CCPM is a technique for planning and managing projects that was developed by Eliyahu M. Goldratt, the author of the "Theory of Constraints". When searching the Internet, I never found simple, easy-to-understand examples of critical chain project management. That's why I wrote a little case study: "The Barbecue" You can download the PDF below: