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Here are some examples from my work as multimedia engineer, whether it was for work, fun or the university.

Flash: Website (2004)

Flash: Website
  • Language: Macromedia Flash
  • Developed on: Windows XP
  • Description: I helped developing several flash elements of this website when I worked for Planet Nemo. The elements make heavy use of Actionscript and XML.

Flash: Pretzel Game (2006)

Flash: Pretzel Game
  • Language: Macromedia Flash
  • Developed on: Windows XP
  • Description: Eat a pretzel! I developed this little flash game for the traditional luxembourgian Pretzel Sunday, where boys offer pretzels to their girlfriends. So if you forgot to buy your girl a pretzel, here is the solution!

Multilingual Content Management System (2006)

CMS: expatinfrance
  • Description: I designed and developped this website for the expat-in-france company in collaboration with a marketing expert. It features a multilingual CMS (French, English and Japanese) and several flash elements.



Shader: Water Surface (2003)

Shader: Water Simulation
  • Language: DirectX9.0 Shader running on Nebula2 Engine
  • Developed on: Windows 2000
  • Compiler: MS Visual Studio .NET
  • Description: This water surface shader was written during my internship at Radon Labs who kindly let me use one of their fastest machines in order to do so. Thank you very much!
    Note: Pixelshader2.0 needed. Shader on its own is not runnable!

openGL: Water Simulation (2003)

openGL: Water Simulation

openGL: Engine (2003)

openGL: Engine Simulation
  • Language: C++ with Mesa libraries
  • Developed on: Linux (Mandrake)
  • Compiler: g++
  • Description: Simulation of a 4 time engine. Realized during Real Time Image Synthesizing course.
    Note: You need the Windows OpenGl Dlls to run the demo.

After Effects (2003)

After Effects Movie
  • Description: Opening for a movie. Realized with Adobe After Effects 5.5 on a computer way too slow for the task. Music score from the Two Tower movie.

3D Studio Max (2003)

3DS Max Movie
  • Description: Based on a simple tutorial this movie goes a little bit farther. Dramatic sound effects and dynamic camera movement determine the action. There is a little glitch in the middle of the clip: this is due to my computer having abandonned the rendering process after 48 hours... Music score from The Rock movie. Note: You need the freely available XVid codex to play this.

Mathematics / Physics (2003)

Mathematics / Physics
  • Description:Website explaining digital zoom (image resizing). Focus on Shannon-Nyquist and spline interpolation. Realized during Image Processing course.
    Note: in French. The lady in the background is the full version of the often used image in digital image processing.

Level Design: Starcraft (1999)

Level Design: Starcraft
  • Description: This funny Starcraft map brings Team Fortress to Aiur. In order to win team 1 (the "bodyguards") has to bring a VIP (another player) from point A to point B. Team 2 (the "terrorists") has to prevent this from happening. Needless to say that the VIP is unarmed and that bodyguards and terrorists always respawn... Based on the VIP mod from Team Fortress (Quake, Halflife, Counterstrike, etc...)